Adam’s song (mp3 download)

As a musician and music teacher, my life has been full of music. Music has the power to make us laugh or cry. Music can take us away on a journey, or deep inside to reflect. There is huge power in music, sound and vibration. At one point the life in health that I grew up with, and my life of music began to overlap. This has been extremely exciting for me! Now I am starting to incorporate wellness concepts into my music.

This song is 60 beats per minute which is the relaxed heart rate.

I have adjusted the song from 440hz to 432hz as I believe it resonates more with us (feel free to look up 432hz).

There are also subliminal affirmations in the song, 'I am strong', 'I am confident', etc..

I incorporated binaural beats in the background that aid in Alpha brainwave entrainment (meditative state).

The song is in the key of 'C' which is believed to be the tone of the root chakra. There are a few differing opinions on the key of the root chakra, however it's the intention that is important.

My intention with this song is to help ground and center so we can move forward in a balanced manner. This is my first attempt, so I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Bio-well pictures of my chakras pre (left) and post (right) listening to my song.