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For those of you who know me (Adam Bigelsen), you know that I am a musician and music has been a huge part of my life. The last bunch of years I have been really excited to learn more regarding the world of sound therapy. One of the things I did recently, was that I installed transducers in my massage table to create a sound therapy table to experiment with. We have definitely seen some interesting things in the blood after tuning fork sessions and sound baths . As I was laying in bed the other night doing some research, I came across a unique sound healer, Shannon Harris. Shannon does what he calls Audio Pharmacology. As it just so happens, Shannon was going to be in town the next five days. Josh and I attended Shannon’s lecture, as well as a Theta Wave Medical Qi Gong session, and we each scheduled private Audio Pharmacology sessions with Shannon….. ALL AWESOME! We have done Medical Qi Gong sounds and movement before, but Shannon added color visualization with each organ, and incorporated brainwave entrainment music as well…..AWESOME! (He has a dvd available) Of course we looked at blood before and after the private sessions, and the results are below. I had a knee issue in particular that has been lingering. At this point I’m going to let Shannon explain a little bit about what he did during our sessions, and then Josh will explain the results as seen in the blood.

For Adam’s Audio Pharmacology™ session he pointed out having knee pain from an old injury.   I tend to work on clients on different energy/body levels at the same time.  During his 1 hour session I used my Audio Pharmacology™ 5 Element system music in which he listened to music tuned to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) energy/organ/emotional system while working directly and around the knee area with a deep tissue/muscle massage utilizing blood/qi/circulation frequencies. I applied a tuning fork to the higher chakra areas to induce a relaxed brainwave state during the treatment. There was moderate heat applied during the sound massage followed by nano crystal laser therapy along with photonic light therapy in the area as well. This process affects the patients internal healing processes on many different levels simultaneously.



Pre-Treatment Notes: There is a 1-2+ plasma reaction with 0 rouleau. The center of his blood holds very nicely as he is in good health.

The colon shows up along with the spinal cord. His bowels are inconsistent at this point in time as well. The bowels being inconsistent are not a problem with the intestines but rather his musculoskeletal structure is out of alignment and it is putting pressure on the intestines causing the GI to be irritated. There are very few holograms present which although it represents good health it also in this specific case indicates that he is not fully grounded or present at this point in time. The fact the colon is the only organ that shows up indicates his main emotion at this time has to do with the inability to digest some emotions.


Post Treatment Notes: Blood was taken again after an Audio Pharmacology session. There were several strong reactions after the session.

A lung showed up as both a physical and emotional release. The emotional component has to do with releasing some old grief. The physical component indicates that pressure had to been taken off the lung so that it can expand properly. This then allows the lung to clean physically, as well as emotionally.


There is a another emotion or worry cell indicating that he is releasing some worry.

The spinal cord shows up several times including one related to a scapula or one side of the upper thorax.

The colon and knee showed up with white cells attached as well. Once again indicating that some blocks or disturbance fields had been released.

There was old injury that was released as well as trauma to the nervous system. The session also seemed to ground him and bring him back into his body. Session seemed very effective at working through some disturbance fields so that the body can now heal properly.


The Audio Pharmacology session was a very relaxing experience, that was very effective in supporting my body as it is working on rebalancing and healing. I felt very grounded afterward, and it was the first time a treatment had made my knee feel better in quite some time…YAYYYYY! Thanks Shannon!

At this point Josh and I will be collaborating with Shannon for a lecture in Seattle, and setting up some Holographic Blood/Audio Pharmacology sessions. We are looking forward to working more with Shannon in order to support each other, and share our knowledge….TEAM SYMBIOSIS!!

Check out Shannon’s website: www.Audiopharmacology.com


    • Good question! We are working on a couple of things at the moment. I think we are about to offer a small group training course of 4 people at a time. We are also working on an online version of the course. We’ll send an email blast out as soon as we have news.
      Adam Bigelsen

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