The often overlooked importance of the body’s structure

Growing up with my parents I was taught from a young age the importance of the body's alignment. After a concussion at a young age we drove right by the hospital and right to an Cranial Osteopath. The Osteopath worked hard to unjam my skull sutures to take pressure off the brain. I remember asking my father why we took that route. He explained that in his years of medical school they never talked about the alignment of the body being crucial to it functioning properly. He said "structure precedes function." Why would he take me to someone who did not know and was never taught how to align the body. Being involved in wellness for the majority of my life I see this problem with both traditional and alternative medicine. Traditional medicine will give you something to suppress the symptoms while a lot of alternative practitioners will give you herbs for your symptoms. All the while forgetting about the importance of alignment. Now tell me if this makes sense to you. I take my car to a traditional mechanic to get aligned. He says the car is not driving correctly so let's give it something to slow it down. Or maybe he says the car is attacking itself and it must have an autoimmune disease. Take these suppressants. I decide to take it to an alternative mechanic who says that maybe my car is allergic to gasoline or the oil is not gluten free. Take these herbs and eliminate the gas and try some gluten free oil. Neither mechanic takes the time to look at the cars alignment. If the car is misaligned how will it drive properly? We can put all the high octane gasoline into our car or all the herbs and healthy food we want into our body but if it's misaligned will it work properly? It used to be you went to your doctor for a physical. Now a physical is all about lab tests and most practitioners do not even check you out physically. With men later on in life they do a prostate exam to see if it's swollen but never try to figure out why it's swollen. Could the body be out of alignment creating excess pressure on the prostate. At the very least they should look into it. Now I believe there is good in both traditional and alternative medicine. The trauma surgeons are excellent and I'm not against the use of herbs at all. I believe they can be very complimentary to the healing process but should not be the main focus of treatment for chronic illness. Whether going the traditional or alternative route it is beneficial to add a bodyworker to the equation. When the body is aligned properly the car drives very smooth.

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