Parasites are our Friends!

Most gardeners know that a healthy soil has worms in it. If the soil needs improvement you can throw worms into the soil. The worms then clean and stimulate the soil and in turn create a healthier terrain. Why should it be any different in our own body. To create health we have to have healthy soil or terrain. Dis-ease feeds in stagnation. As A.T. Still, the father of Osteopathy stated, “Disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions.” As life happens and we go through physical trauma, emotional trauma, birth trauma, dental trauma, etc, we create blocks or disturbance fields in our body. These disturbances lead to blocks in our physical and energetic flow. Then stagnation happens. Just like when you dam up a river the garbage starts to accumulate. This is when the magic of symbiosis happens. We have parasites that live with us symbiotically and they spring into action. They move into to help clean and stimulate the tissue. They are there to help. Now if you take a stagnant person whose terrain is overwhelmed with debris and kill their parasites, what is there to help clean up the soil? They can then become overloaded with toxicity. Even an invasive parasite, such as a leishmaniasis, is attracted to the toxic person. Case in point. When I was young and not living so healthy I remember going fishing with my father. I was literally standing right next to him. I was getting mauled by mosquitos while he was untouched. I mentioned it to him and he said “A mosquito lands on a swamp.” It knew which soil was unhealthy. The ultimate goal is to have a body that flows evenly with no obstructions. Jean Baptiste Lamarck preached symbiosis and that is how we evolve. As Aristotle stated so long ago, “Nature does nothing in vain.” As we start to understand the Nature of our own body we can start to work symbiotically with it.

“To prevent disease we have to create health.”
-Antoine Bechamp

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